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On-Page Optimization Services is one of the most cost effective & quick ways to help improve your compliance with search engines and increase your presence. Our services will help optimize your website according to Google & Webmaster Guidelines, so that you can see better results within a few weeks.


On Page SEO can be simply defined as the steps taken to optimize your web pages to be easily found by search engines whenever someone does a search for whatever it is that your page is about. On page optimization doesn’t negate the fact that good content is the key to good rankings. Rather, on page optimization ensures that your good content is formatted correctly so that search engines can easily identify and rank it.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most fundamental digital marketing strategies any business with an online presence should have. 5E0 is geared towards generating natural or organic traffic, which is basically the top source of traffic for most websites.

This fact is established by many studies, including the recent study from Conductor where it highlighted that up to 64% of website traffic is generated from organic search.

Doing good in these aspects can boost your overall SEO performance, and this is achieved by ensuring each of your important technical on-page SEO elements.


According to inbound marketing expert Moz, The Meta Title tag is the single most-important element that would have the most significant impact on your on-page SEO. It is the clickable element in related search results that will direct your targeted audiences to your websites or landing pages.


The metal title tells both search engines and search users in lengths below 55 characters how relevant your site is for a particular topic.

This will create a big impact on search engine results rankings as well as the potential for generating clicks and visits from targeted audiences.


Good meta descriptions will entice targeted visitors to click on your links and are thus important in increasing click through rates (CTR).

Without an optimized meta description, search engines will simply pull text from your content — and these may not be the ones you want your targeted audiences to see first.

Even Google’s Matt Cutts agree that Meta Descriptions are important. But, he recommended that you at least fours on optimizing pages with the highest ROI potential — those that will bring home the bacon.


In order for search engines to match your content with the intent and context of the search user, they need to “read’ your content and con-firm if they match by relying on microdata called schema mark-ups.

A standardized structured markup developed through the Schema project, a major collaborative project participated in by Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex search engines.

With a proper schema integrated into your code, it would be easier for search engines to find your content & match it to search queries.


The future of search is social and in the new age of Semantic Search, social relevance will weigh more in search results. To facilitate this, your website and its content should have the same functionality, or in more lay terms “speak the same language”, as social media networks.

This will make your content and finks more shareable in these networks, increasing engagement with targeted audiences which further leads to higher click-through rates and ultimately conversion.

Back in 2010, Facebook offers the Open Graph Object Debugger tool to let you check the right OG tags to use with your content. Examples of these Open Graph or OG tags include the following:

<meta property=”og:title’ content=”The Title of Your Page or Content” />

<meta property=”og:url” content=”” />

<meta property=””og:type” content=”website” />

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Description of Your Website” />


A sitemap provides a virtual map of your website that tells search engines all the links in your site. These can be done through static or dynamic HTML and XML site maps that directs search engines and users to a single page where all your page and section links are located.

Plugins, modules, and extensions are available that can be used to generate a sitemap which you can submit to your search engine webmaster tools and have it re-indexed on a daily or a weekly basis.


Twitter Cards allow users to extend the information-giving capability of the 140-characters limitations of a tweet through a ‘View Summary” button just underneath the tweet. Just like the OG tags, Twitter cards can he included in the page codes like: oneta name,wittencarcr content-summary”

Twitter has the Card Validator that allows you to check your links before you share on social networks. Other tags are similar to the format used in Open Graph tags as shown in the following:

<meta name=”twittertitle” content=”Your Content Title” />

<meta name=”twittendescription” content=”Your 200-Character Content Description ” />

<meta name=”twitter:url” content=”” />

(meta name=”twitter:image” content=” /image-name.jpg” />


An H Tag or a Heading Tag is another on-page SEO element that helps search engines determine what your website content is all about.

If you have large amount of content or post long articles longer than 1500 (which is better from a semantic search perspective) it would be best to have it subdivided into sections, with each section properly identify with a corresponding H Tag ((h1, <h2, or <h,,, tags and no on)

Best Practices:

There should only be one HI tag for every web page. The H1 tag can also be your Main Title tag.


Website loading speed is an important on-page SEO element. It affects the user experience, with faster loading sites naturally favored over slow ones,

Factors that can increase website speed include:

• Compress Images

• Host Images Seperately

• Load Less External Objects

• Unconditional Caching

Compress & Minimize Code


Search engines really cannot ‘View’. images just like humans can and would rely on Image ALT Tags to properly index images and return relevant ones during image search queries.

These tags are not only used for letting search engine crawlers identify images but a highly descriptive tag embedded.

If you have large amount of content or post long articles longer than 1500 (which is better from a semantic search perspective) it would be best to have it subdivided into sections, with each section properly identify with a corresponding H Tag (<111>, ,h2> or <hi> tags and so on)


One of the more important on-page SEO elements you should focus on is checking for duplicate content. Failure to do so may have some dire consequences if march engine crawlers find duplicate content.

This is because it would be difficult for search engines to identify which particular content is the original or the best version. You can make use of Google’s Webmaster Tools and other third-party applications to check for duplicate content.

On-page SEO are as important as they once where since the principles and concepts of optimizing web pages for search were developed. Business owners and digital marketers need to evolve as well and learn all important aspects of these elements and their impact on this modern and new age of SEO.

When it comes to website promotions, it is prudent that you check your site for integrated SEO factors. The SEO health of the website plays an important role in guiding the search engine crawlers to the right spot on your website which is otherwise known as search engine indexing. On page SEO service not just makes your website SEO-friendly but enhances the overall user experience as well.


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—>> Our Task <<—


Redesigning the page to better emphasize certain areas through the use of hl., 112, bold & strong.


We will add royalty free images to the webpage and add appropriate Meta Tags.


Adding relevant Title, Description, and Keyword Tags.


Setup of Google Webmaster Tools accounts + Verification.


Creation of Sitemap + Upload to Webmaster Tool accounts.


Creation of Robot.txt + Upload to Webmaster Tool accounts.


Perform Canonical Redirection for Home Page URL.


Duplicate Content Analysis and Prevention.


Relevant Cross Linking for Pages within the Website.

10. Link Audit

Linking Structure Audit removing dead links, linking to relevant portions, etc.


Google Analytics Setup & Installing Code on Your Pages.


1. Page Speed Improvement

2. Favicon Creation and Update

3. Fixing all type of crawl errors

Every order will come with a report detailing precisely what we have done with your website.

The greatest portion around On Page SEO is that majority of work is completed on your site is A ONE TIME JOB!

If you are new to on-page optimization and want to know how it can help you improve your online success, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you choose the most suitable onpage seo packages that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

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